At GeoKatanga we firmly believe in the value of our team and the contribution made by each individual. Because of this, we regard in-house training and certification of all our employees of great importance.


We further aim to uplift the local communities by providing employment for the local workforce and the transfer of specialized skills. Providing sponsorships and bursaries for the School for the Deaf is one of the heartfelt passions of the GeoKatanga team and a means to serve opportunities back into the community.


As GeoKatanga’s operational footprint is spread over the extensive copper belt, our social impact is widely dispersed and diverse. We pride ourselves in providing a respected social responsibility and environmental awareness within the mining industry.




We pride ourselves in the excellent low impact track records we hold within our delivery of product in the mining industry. To date, we have a zero percent incident record on site and zero lost time due to injury. We have had no environmental incidents and strive to keep our work worthy of these impeccable standards.



Henrico Tossel

DRC  +243 (0) 81 291 3384

RSA +27 (0) 84 611 8819


Ferdi Beukes

DRC  +243 (0) 82 595 6882

 RSA  +27 (0) 71 352 6434